Reasons for Tree Stump Removal

17 Aug

The tree stumps usually have the roots still on the ground. Tree stumps can be a problem in terms of environmental aesthetics and still be hard to remove. Shredding with a grinder, burning and digging out are some of the ways of tree stump removal.  Some tools are used hand in hand with the grinder to remove tree stumps. The shovel or mattock are used to clear the rocks around the stump. Cutting of the tree stump to reduce the size completely is done by a chainsaw which is done to level it on the ground  significantly. The tree stump removal by use of a grinder begins with clearing of rocks by use of a shovel, then size reduction by use of a tree stump and finally use of a grinder to completely remove the tree stump.

In addition protective gear should be worn when handling the grinder. The protective gear, mostly involves goggles which seek to protect your eyes from wood chips and other flying debris. For timer users its important for them to know how to use the machine as its of complex kind. Chemical components have been used to remove tree stumps effectively. Visit this website about tree removal.

In the chemical usage, a drill, potassium nitrate, an ax, fuel oil and a chainsaw are required for the process to kick start.

Apart from shredding using a grinder, using a chemical mostly potassium nitrate the last option is by burning. Money is saved when one uses the burning process. Check this site here!

Rotting a tree stump is another option of tree stump removal. The process of rotting includes drilling a hole on the stump about ten inch deep. Nitrogen gas is then filled on the hole of the tree stump. The main purpose of adding water is to soften the tree stump for chipping to then take place. The final process to this is that dirt is added in order to fill the hole.

 The process of tree stump removal is not complete until its disposed well. Tree stumps can be turned to wood chips and then used for various projects as desired. The other method of disposing a tree stump is by hiring a stump removal company as they will now what to do.

Some reasons result to removal of tree stumps. Being hazardous, resulting to eyesores and taking up valuable space are some of the top reasons as to why tree stumps are removed. Aside from blocking the view, tree stumps take up a lot of valuable space in the compound which could have been used for other activities. Some tree stumps are large while others are camouflaged as weeds making them  to be tripping hazards which can result to massive injuries. The beauty of a compound is withdrawn by the presence of tree stumps, click for more details!

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